“Sarah is an absolute pleasure to work with, this is not just our opinion but also being fed back by every client of ours she has worked with. Her levels of professionalism and confidence ensure that the highest calibre of presenter or executive feel confident and reassured as soon as they get to the event. Her pre-event work is meticulous with a fantastic eye for detail leaving nothing to chance.

“She forms an important and indispensible part of our team and my only hesitation in recommending her is that she may be less available for work with us.”
Matt Margetson, Operations Director, Smyle Creative.

“If you are serious about staging a successful event, then you need to employ a seriously good producer – Sarah Saward is one of the best producers in Britain. We have employed Sarah on a range of major flagship projects, both in the UK and the USA. She is meticulous when it comes to planning and hugely capable of managing a large team of professionals to ensure a successful result. She is bright, intelligent, quick witted, with the sensitivity to handle awkward situations, backed by her passion to drive the project forward.

“Her greatest asset is her vice-like grip on the key messages which need to be conveyed to the audience. She is more than happy to talk through the show with a graphic artist, or Bill Gates – both of which she has done on several occasions. In the hurly burly work of conferences and events Sarah Saward is the consummate professional: the oil calming turbulent waters.

If you’re ever lucky enough to get the opportunity, book her!”
Sean Malone, Director, YellowSpanner.

“Sarah is always an awesome leadership force on site, superbly organised and efficient whilst being reassuring to presenters and crew alike.”
Kurt Bowen, Production Director, White Space Productions