So, that’s January done!

I know time goes faster as you get older, but really 2013 has been a joke so far!  It has flown past in a mix of events and here I am in February before I can catch my breath.  Still, it’s been fun – plenty learnt and I’ve met lots of new people along the way which is always good.

I started off the year with a trip to Cannes with WRG.  It sounds glamourous but it was more like Blackpool when we arrived (not that there’s anything wrong with Blackpool ASETS boys!), but lashing rain, storming winds and the view of a sex shop from the crew hotel kind of captured the moment.

Still the sun came out and the conference was a blinder.  We used a really excellent guest speaker and he was first rate.  He picked the audience up after snow delayed flights and completely turned the mood of the room around.  It was high energy and really interactive leaving the audience wanting more - and it’s not often you get to say that.  I also met a new graphics op who I was impressed with and picked up some new interactive exercises for good measure.  A great first week.

I then moved to Excel with Logistik for an epic conference:  5,000 delegates, 42 metre screen and some heavy weight presenters.  Excel is a hard venue  – just the sheer scale of everything is exhausting, but spirits were high and the team worked really hard to deliver a very smooth show indeed.  The little attentions to detail on the walk up stings and moves into video made the most of the screen and the presenters all worked hard.  A nice show that (wait for it) – FINISHED EARLY!

Final day of January saw me at Five in Farnborough with Adding Value.  They had just finished a full day of conference and I was coming in to produce the Gala Dinner.  I’ve seen a lot of awards dinners, but this must win the prize of the most awards.  We needed three tables to house them all!  The awards were spread through out dinner which can be hard work as the crew is on constant standby but we were well fed and looked after so all went well.  Jake Humphrey was the guest speaker – and he was good.  Some nice BBC, Olympic and F1 stories and not adverse to being kissed by all the female (and some male) award winners.  Well done Jake.

So, January  – tick.  February has some more space in it and a lovely half term week with the two boys which will be great.  The rest of the year is starting to fill up and I’ve updated SS availability – 2013 so you can see where I’m up to.  Hope to cross paths with you soon.