In my work, I have the pleasure of working with some great companies and freelancers and I am always happy to pass on recommendations.

Below are some of the people I really like working with.  I’ll keep adding to this as I meet new friends (and remember old ones – apologies to the many I’ve ignored on this list).  Check back if there is something specific you are looking for – or just give me a shout and ask me.

Production Companies:

…is a really creative, ambitious company who keep pushing to do the next big thing.

WS Productions
Awards shows, exhibitions, conferences – WS Productions do all this, but they also have a great 3D offering that is set to take the industry by storm.

Yellow Spanner
…is a small production company that delivers big messages on content. Most of what I do, I learned with these guys many years ago…


Stan Arnold
Good script writers are very hard to find – and I’ve only got a few that I recommend at the moment.  One is Stan Arnold.

Stuart Blake
And Stuart is the other one.



I believe that PowerPoint can be beautiful (yes really!), it just needs to follow some basic rules and have a great designer behind it.

Smyle have a great graphics team as do WhiteSpace and YellowSpanner.  If you want to go to Freelancers then I recommend the following names:
Hannah Carter

Inam Ulhaq
Diane Hipkins
Martin Anderson


I know there are hundreds of video companies out there, but two that I like a lot:

Great value, high quality videos and really nice people to work with.

Virtual Studio
A new way of creating corporate videos extremely quickly and cost effectively.

Smyle have a very impressive studio set up and WhiteSpace offer excellent corporate videos.

Showcallers and stage managers:

All the best showcallers are listed here – I think I have worked with most of them now and they are brilliant.


It’s not that I want to give work away, but if I’m not available or you need other people for your team, it’s good to have recommendations. For my money, I’d recommend Charlotte Oldwood, Sue Pardoe and Sam Pepper.


Now this list could be ridiculously long as there are so many heroes out there when it comes to production and crew.  I’ve start the list small as either I’ve just worked with them and they are front of mind OR they bugged me to put me on the site (you know who you are!)

Production Managers: Richard Owers, great all round knowledge and experience; David Plumb, an absolute gent and nothing he hasn’t done; Andy Gillham, for everything you ever want to know about the Royal Albert Hall.

Lighting: A starter for 10: the lovely Jamie Corbridge

Artists et al:

Choreographer: I recently watched Debbie Astell from Times Two Productions at work and was very impressed how she pulled together a show from nothing very quickly.

Orchestras: I really enjoyed working with the London Philharmonic Concert Orchestra and was surprised how easily they worked with the corporate market.

Ice Sculptors: I worked with Hamilton Ice on a very stressful project.  The budget kept shrinking, the brief kept changing and Jamie kept smiling.  He delivered on the day.  Really beautiful work.

If you’d like me to add you to my list, please drop me a line.

Local referals:

I live and work in the market town of Saffron Walden in North West Essex.  It’s a lovely place with lots of great local businesses and a shed load of creative, interesting people living here.  If you’re looking for something in town, then this is a good place to start:

Saffron Walden Directory

Saffron Walden Tourist Information Centre