Different clients use me for different skills. Below is a taster of some of the ways that I can work with your team, but feel free to give me a call to discuss what you need.

Leading the technical rehearsals at a large IT conference on behalf of Smyle

Show producer:
My favourite place is the front edge of the set and stage leading rehearsals. I can brief the crew, run rehearsals to schedule, give the presenters feedback and unpick problems so that the whole team is confident and prepared by the start of the show.

Speaker and content management:
I believe if you don’t understand the content of the event, you can’t produce the show. I am very good at coordinating scripts, graphics and videos in the run up to an event with pre-event rehearsals if possible. Onsite, I run to a pre-agreed rehearsal schedule and technical running order to make sure we stay on message and on time.

Briefing the crew at Smyle to produce a gala dinner in September 2009.

I believe in attention to detail and produce a spreadsheet for every eventuality. I believe in managing out complexity before a show so that you do not take problems with you on site and am more than happy to take tough calls on timings, budgets and content where required.

If you have a simple show with a tight budget and you want to combine a producer/ showcaller, then that’s me. I can brief the crew, draft technical running orders and pull the event together.

Shoot with Smyle in September 2009

Video producing:
I’ve produced a large number of corporate videos over the years, booking presenters, liaising with crews, running the interviews and overseeing the edits. I especially enjoy producing videos for the live events I’m working on.

Script writing and editing:
I enjoy getting involved in the messaging of an event and this sometimes follows through to writing scripts and presentations. I am happy in this role of consolidating content and considering how a presenter can transmit a message to an audience so that it is understood and acted upon. I enjoy being creative and developing new and impactful ways of communicating to inspire and motivate an audience. To that end I am happy to contribute to pitches and pre-event planning.